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How to download and sign up for Pokémon Go

Go Pokémon is everywhere at the moment. It's in the bag and in our minds, in shops, gyms, churches and old converted. However, to connect the Poké solution, you need to register to Pokémon Go! Here's how.
How to download and sign up for Pokémon Go

1. Open the App Store on the Home screen.
2. Touch Down Top Charts tab. (Alternatively, click Search and type Pokémon Go ').
3. Access the free tab.
4. Get Tap and install.
5. Authorize Enter Touch ID or password.
6. Back to the main screen.

7. Tap the Pokémon Go icon.
8. How to install Pokémon Go
9. In the sign up/registration screen, tap the Google icon.
10. Enter your Google username. (Otherwise, tap Create an account and follow the instructions).
11. Enter your Google password.
12. In your case, follow the instructions for two-factor authentication.

How to install Pokémon Go
Why use a Google account on the Pokémon Trainer Club?

At present, it seems a Pokémon Go account is simple and reliable with a Google account, as often overloaded option Pokémon Trainer Club or to subscribe - completely off - on some devices.

If you do not already have a Google Account, it may be a good idea to create one if you sign Pokemon Go, because it can be useful in the future. Sign up for a Google Account is only for over 13 years in the United States and the rest of the country (16 in the Netherlands and 14 in Spain and South Korea). If you are under 13, please talk with a parent before you register.
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