What Is Language Translator?

As we know that computer understand only the instruction written in the Machine language. Therefore a program written in any other language should be translated to Machine language. For this purpose special programs are available they are called translators or language processors. This special programs accept the user program and check each statement and produces a corresponding set of Machine language instructions. There are two types of Translators.
            (1) Compiler :-
            A Compiler checks the entire program written by user and if it is free from error and mistakes then produces a complete program in Machine language known as object program. But if it founds some error in program then it does not execute the single statement of the program. So compiler translate whole program in Machine language before it starts execution.
            (2) Interpreters :-
            Interpreters performs the similar job like compiler but in different way. It translates (Interprets) one statement at a time and if it is error – free then executes that statement. This continues till the last statement in the program has been translated and executed.
            Thus Interpreter translates and executes the statement before it goes to next statement. When it founds some error in statement it will immediately stop the execution of the program.
            Since compiler of Interpreter can translate only a particular language for which it is designed one has to use different compiler for different languages.
            Difference of Compiler – Interpreter :-
            Error finding is much easier in Interpreter because it checks and executes each statement at a time. So wherever it fine some error it will stop the execution. Where Compiler first check all the statement for error and provide lists of all the errors in the program.
            Interpreter take more time for the execution of a program compared to Compilers because it translates and executes each statement one by one.

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