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C Program to find LCM lowest(least) Common Multiples & GCD Greatest Common Divisor
Write a C Program to check whether the given number is prime or not : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a program to print the following triangle for n lines : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Explain the syntax of switch…case statement. Write a program using switch…case statement. : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
What is pointer? Give its benefits. Write a program to do swapping of two elements using function with two pointers as arguments. : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a program to read two 5 X 5 matrices from the user and store the Addition of two matrices in the resultant matrix. i.e. C=A + B , where A,B,C each one is 5 X 5 Matrix. : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a C++ program which is having class named student .It has two member functions named “read_data()” and “print_data()”. It has member elements called Rollno,Name and Percentage. Assume suitable data type for variable. And read the data from the user and print the same on the screen using above functions. : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a program to convert temperature entered by user from Fahrenhit into Celcius : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a program to store 10 numbers in an array. Then find out Sum, Maximum and Average of these 10 numbers : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
Write a C program to generate fibbonacci series of numbers (total 20 numbers) i.e. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8….etc : GTU Nov-Dec 2010
C program to explain the concept of Class and Object used in C++ giving suitable example.
A C++ Program to implement the Kurskal's Algorithm to solve Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Problem (MST) using Graphics.