How to wrap text in crystal report?

How to wrap text in crystal report?

You might be facing fields overlapping or cuts off issue. You can show text up to width of IFieldObject/ITextObject contol's length, IFieldObject control is similar to Label/Textbox in ASP.Net.

You might have question that, does crystal report supports word wrapping ?
Answer is NO.

But, As an alternative of it is you can allow it to grow in multiline. For that crystal report supports "Can Grow" property for fields in which text is overlapping.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to set:
1. Open Cystal report .rpt file in Visual studio
2. Select the field which is overlapping, Right click on that and select "Format Object" option.
3. It will open new window, under "Common" tab, mark the "Can Grow" checkbox.
Crystal Report -> Format Object -> Can Grow

4. In case you want to limit text grow up to some lines, you can mention total number of lines in "Maximum number of lines" textbox. Here 0 will be considered as no limit.
Crystal Report -> Format Object -> Can Grow -> maximum Number of Lines

5. Also drag & stretch the field to set the height based on your requirement. That's it.

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