Understand AWS Regions, Availability Zones and Edge Locations

In this article i have tried to explain difference between AWS Region vs AWS Availability zone vs AWS Edge Location. These are the basic terminologies which you need to understand first before you start understanding AWS deeply.

If you visit AWS global infrastructure page, it shows list of regions with count of availability zones under it. The AWS cloud operates 58 availibility zones with 18 geographic regions around the world, with 12 more availibility zone and 4 more regions coming online throughout the next year.

What is AWS Region?

Region is physical location in the world where AWS resource exists, they have more then one availability zones.

What is AWS Global Infrastructure?
AWS Global Infrastructure?

What is AWS Availability Zone?

Availibility zone (AZ) consits one or more data center in given region. Data centers are designed with redundant power, networking & connectivity.

What is AWS Regions and Availability Zones?
List of AWS Regions and Availibility Zones

What is AWS Edge Location?

Edge Location is CDN (content delivery network) end points for cloud front place where data is cached. Edge Locations are deployed worldwide in major cities to reduce latency issue.

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