Program to add two numbers using function in Kotlin

In this article, we will see how to create a User-Defined function in Kotlin. Along with that, we will learn how to add two numbers using a function in Kotlin.
fun AddTwoNumbers(x: Int, y: Int) : Int {
    val c = x + y
    return c;
 fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    val sum: Int
    sum = AddTwoNumbers(6, 3)
    println("Sum of two number is:$sum")
Sum of two number is: 9

How to create a User-Defined function in Kotlin?

"fun" keyword is used to defined function in Kotlin. Then comes an identifier name, which is a function name. In this example, function(identifier) name is AddTwoNumbers.

Function Call in Kotlin

In the above example, this function does have two arguments of type Int. Here the definition of a function is AddTwoNumbers(x: Int, y: Int).

The code is written inside curly braces {}, which is known as a body of a function.

How to get return Value from a function in Kotlin?

In Kotlin, Void is the default return type of the function, if it is not intentionally defined. In above example fun AddTwoNumbers(x: Int, y: Int) : Int, Integer is the return type of function.

How to call a function in Kotlin?

To call a function in Kotlin, just write a function name and pass the parameters of argument type mentioned.

In the above example, function AddTwoNumbers(6, 3) is called inside the main method. The value returned from a function is stored in a variable called sum.

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