Introducing .NET 5, No more future .Net Core releases after .Net Core 3.0

On this Monday May, 6th 2019, Rechard Lander Project Manager in .Net team has announced next big release of .NET 5. After the next .Net Core 3.0 it will be only .NET series. .NET 5 is going to be release on Nov 2020.

There will be only single .NET  unified platform, Which can be utilised on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, webAssembly and much more. This is very important and exciting release for .NET.

Introducing .Net 5
Introducing .Net 5

Why .NET 5 ?

.NET 5 is next step forward with .Net Core. Aim behind .NET project is to improve some key ways:
- Introduce Single .NET runtime and framework, Which can be used anywhere with uniform developer experience and runtime behaviour.
- Expand capabilities by including .Net Framework, .Net Core, Xamarin and Mono in .NET.
- Build a product that developers can work to expand together and that improves .NET.

What will be new in .NET 5?

- You will have more choices on selection of runtime experience.
- It will be available with Java Interoperability on all platforms.
- Swift interoperability and Objective C will be supported on multiple operating systems.
- CoreFX will be extended to support static compilation of .NET, smaller footprints and support for more operating systems.
- High throughput and High productivity.
- Fast startup, Low footprint, and lower memory usage.

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