OpenGL Programming

What is OpenGL Programming ?
You might be having this question, but OpenGL is not programming language. OpenGL is a application which is build in C & C++.

What OpenGL Stands for (Full form) ?
OpenGL =  Open Graphics Library

Why you should use OpenGL ?
OpenGL is a application used to draw reach & attractive 2D & 3D graphics with very less efforts. OpenGL is cross application and cross platform API, which interacts with GPU (Graphics processing unit) to achieve hardware accelerated rendering. OpenGL is basically advanced Computer Graphics Programming API.

Where does OpenGL is used ?
OpenGL is extensively used in fields of computer aided design (CAD), scientific visualization, virtual reality, information visualization, video games and flight simulation.

Attached image illustrates graphics pipeline process.

OpenGL Program Examples
OpenGL program to draw a line
OpenGL program to draw a line using dda algorithm
OpenGL program to draw Sun Rise and Fall

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