Data File Structure (DFS) Programs

  1. Program for String operations without library functions
  2. Various operations on polynomials using structures
  3. Represent Sparse Matrix using array and perform Matrix Addition,Simple Transpose and Fast Transpose 
  4. Simulation of Stack using Array
  5. Simulation of Queue using Array
  6. A program for Circular Queue using Array
  7. A program for Circular Dequeue using an Array
  8. Simulation of Stack using Linked List 
  9. Queue represented using Linked List 
  10. Queue represented using a Circular Linked List 
  11. Dequeue represented using Linked List
  12. Various operations on Polynomials using linked List 
  13. operations on sll (Singly Linked List) 
  14. Infix to Prefix and Postfix with Evaluation
  15. Postfix to Infix and Prefix 
  16. Prefix to Infix and Postfix 
  17. Operations on Doubly Linked List 
  18. Operations on CLL -Circular Linked List 
  19. Program showing various operations on Binary Search Tree 
  20. Program for AVL Tree 
  21. Indegree,Outdegree,Total Degree of each Vertex and, BFS , DFS on a Graph represented using Adjacency Matrix 
  22. DFS and BFS on Graph represented using Adjacency List 
  23. BSF and DSF on a Graph represented using Adjacency Matrix 
  24. Program for constructing a minimum cost spanning tree using Prim's algorithm
  25.  Program for constructing a Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Kruskal Algorithm

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