All C Programs and Terms

  1. Program for String operations without library functions
  2. Various operations on polynomials using structures
  3. Represent Sparse Matrix using array and perform Matrix Addition,Simple Transpose and Fast Transpose 
  4. Simulation of Stack using Array
  5. Simulation of Queue using Array
  6. A program for Circular Queue using Array
  7. A program for Circular Dequeue using an Array
  8. Simulation of Stack using Linked List 
  9. Queue represented using Linked List 
  10. Queue represented using a Circular Linked List 
  11. Dequeue represented using Linked List
  12. Various operations on Polynomials using linked List 
  13. operations on sll (Singly Linked List) 
  14. Infix to Prefix and Postfix with Evaluation
  15. Postfix to Infix and Prefix 
  16. Prefix to Infix and Postfix 
  17. Operations on Doubly Linked List 
  18. Operations on CLL -Circular Linked List 
  19. Program showing various operations on Binary Search Tree 
  20. Program for AVL Tree 
  21. Indegree,Outdegree,Total Degree of each Vertex and, BFS , DFS on a Graph represented using Adjacency Matrix 
  22. DFS and BFS on Graph represented using Adjacency List 
  23. BSF and DSF on a Graph represented using Adjacency Matrix 
  24. Program for constructing a minimum cost spanning tree using Prim's algorithm
  25.  Program for constructing a Minimum Cost Spanning Tree Kruskal Algorithm


  1. Bresenham line drawing algorithm program in c 
  2. Cohen Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm 
  3. Bresenhams Circle Algorithm

Operating System (OS) Programs
  1. Priority Scheduling Algorithm C Program
  2. Round Robin Scheduling Method C Program 
  3. Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm C Program
  4. First in First Serve Algorithm C Program
  5. Producer Consumer Problem C Program
  6. Dining Philosophers Problem C Program 
  7. Implementation of System Calls C Program 

Distributed System (DS) Programs
  1. WAP to Implement Iterative echo Client-Server using Socket Programming.
  2. WAP To demonstrate the use of RPC Remote Procedural Call Distributed System.

Computer Network (CN) Programs
  1. Implement the Data Link Layer Framing methods such as " Bit Stuffing "
  2. Implement the Data Link Layer Framing methods such as " Character Stuffing and also De stuff " 
  3. Implementation of CRC C Program
  4. Implementation of Checksum C Program 
  5. Implementation of Sliding Window
  6. Implementation of Simple FTP Client
  7. Implementation Of Peer to Peer Connection using UDP 
  8. Implementation Of UDP Client Server Communication Using Bind System Call 
  9. Transferring Files over RS232

Interrupt Programming
  1. Program to save the Interrupt Vector Table (IVT) in a file.
  2. C Program to display the Conventional Memory of the system.
  3. Program to show the System Configuration using interrupt 11h.
  4. Program to get and set System Date using Interrupt 21h.
  5. Write a program to dDlete a specified file using Interrupt 21h 
  6. Program to Delete a specified Directory using Interrupt 21h 
  7. Write a program to Read a character from KeyBoard with echo using Interrupt 21h 
  8. Program to show files in Directories
  9. Write a program that Restarts your Computer 
  10. Program to read character from keyboard using interrupt 21h

Miscellaneous Programs
  1. Piano Game in C
  2. Love Calculator C Program
  3. C Program to Find out when will be My Death Date

Operation on Very Large Numbers
  1. Multiplication
  2. Division 
  3. Modular
  4. Power 

C Programs on Number
  1. Sleep() Function
  2. Addition C Program
  3. Subtraction C Program
  4. Subtract Two Numbers without using Subtraction Operator 
  5. Division C Program
  6. Multiplication C Program
  7. ODD or EVEN number ?
  8. Fibonacci Series C Program
  9. Count : Write a program to Count the digits of a given number without using Loop.
  10. Calculate Next & Previous Prime of a Number
  11. Maximum and Minimum Number
  12. Add Two Numbers without using the Plus Operator in C
  13. Reverse Number
  14. Prime Factor of a Number

C Programs on Sorting Algorithms
  1. Parallel Merge Sort Algorithm
  2. Quick Sort Algorithm Program
  3. Binary Tree Sorting C Program 
  4. Heap Sort Algorithm C Program
  5. Insertion Sort Algorithm Program
  6. Sorting of Array Elements using a Function
  7. Merge Sort Algorithm Program using Array in C
  8. Selection Sort Algorithm Program using Array in C
  9. Bubble Sort Program 

C Programs on Search Algorithms
  1. Iterative Deepening Depth First Search
  2. Binary Search C Program
  3. BFS and DFS algorithm C program

C Program on Number Pattern
  1. Generate Number Pattren Triangle C Program

  1. Hello world program
  3. Punctuators
  4. Operators
  5. Switch Case
  6. Structure in C
  7. Union C Program 
  8. What is Language?
  9. Factorial of Number
  10. Calculator C Program
  11. Square root of Number
  12. Features of C Language.
  13. Centigrade to Fahrenheit
  14. Display Inventory Report
  15. Doubly Link List C program
  16. Number Pattern C Program
  17. Simple - Compound interest
  18. C Program to maintain Heap
  19. What is Language Translator?
  20. LCM Least Common Multiples
  21. GCD Greatest Common Divisor
  22. Error Handling in File Operations 
  23. Hill Cipher Algorithm C Program
  24. Write a Program to Print MATRIX 
  25. C Program to maintain an AVL tree
  26. C Program to draw reliability graph
  27. C Program to Add two Polynomials
  28. Find Area of Rectangular C Program 
  29. Number is Prime or Not ? C Program
  30. C program to convert Binary to Decimal 
  31. C program to convert Binary to Octal.
  32. Passing of arrays to a function C Program 
  33. A* (Star) Search Algorithm Source Code
  34. Writing strings using %s format C Program 
  35. passing Structure to Function - C Program 
  36. Producer-Consumer Problem using Thread
  37. Printing All Possible Subsets using BitMask 
  38. Dijkstra Algorithm with STL Priority Queue 
  39. System Configuration using biosequip function
  40. Evalution Of Binomial Coefficients C Program
  41. C Program to maintain a Threaded Binary Tree
  42. False Position Method or Regula Falsi Method
  43. Reverse String without using loop or Recursion  
  44. Program to print Array Element in Reverse Order 
  45. C Program to convert an Infix form to Postfix form
  46. ILLUSTRATION OF fseek & ftell FUNCTIONS 
  47. IPC Shared Memory Implementation Program in C
  48. Color Program without using Graphics - C Program
  49. Source Code for Illustration of nested for loops in C
  50. C program of matrix transpose and matrix multiplication
  51. Compute x to the power n using while loop - C Program
  52. Program to save the Interrupt Vector Table (IVT) in a file 
  53. Multi Dimentional Array values using Functions C Program
  54. Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) Kurskal Using MAP String 
  55. Program to find greatest number from one dimensional array 
  56. C Program to print pyramid of small letter and capital letter abcd 
  57. C Program to calculate x raise to y or power(x,y) using while loop 
  58. Insert and Delete a Node from the Binary Search Tree - C Program 
  59. Example of File Functions like fread(), fwrite(), fopen(), fclose() and fseek()
  60. Simulated Annealing for Traveling Salesman Problem - Artificial Intelligence
  61. Doublely link list with Create, Insert, Delete and Display operations using Structure Pointer

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  1. Can anybody help me with this problem???

    enter 10 nos.

    summary: ***********(ung sampu)
    negative nos: (kung ilan un neg)
    positive nos:

    sum of negative nos:
    sum of positive nos:

    Any my codes are:


    int n[10], sum1, sum2,
    x, y;

    printf("Enter 10 numbers: \n");

    scanf("%d", &n);
    printf("SUMMARY: %d", n);



    1. //it would be like this.


      void main()
      int a[10],i,sum=0;


      printf("Enter 10 numbers for addition: \n");




  2. program for addition of numbers and display positive and negative numbers and their addition
    void main()
    int a[10],i,sum=0,neg=0,pos=0;
    printf("Enter 10 numbers for addition: \n");
    sum=sum a[i];
    printf("sum of numbers= %d",sum);
    printf("\nPositive nos : ");
    for(i=0;i<10;i++ )
    pos=pos a[i];
    printf("\nsum of positive nos=%d",pos);
    printf("\nNegative nos: ");
    for(i=0;i<10;i ++)
    neg=neg a[i];
    printf("\nsum of Negative nos=%d",neg);