Operating System (OS) Programs

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  1. A monitor is to be written to simulate a clock manager used for real-time control of concurrent processes. The clockmanager uses a variable named clock to maintain the current time. The OS supports a signal called elapsed_time that is generated every 2 ms. The clock manager provides a signal handling action for elapsed_time that updates clock at every occurrence of the signal. This action is coded as a procedure of the monitor. A typical request
    made to the clock manager is “wake me up at 9.00 a.m.” The clock manager blocks the processes making such requests and arranges to activate them at the designated times. Implement this monitor.

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  2. Q1)
    Implement the wait() and Signal() semaphore operations in multiprocessor
    environments. The solution should exhibit minimal busy waiting.

    Consider a system consisting of processes Pi, Pi,...,P,,,each of which has a unique priority number.Write a code for monitor that allocates three identical line printers to these processes, using the priority numbers the order of allocation.

  3. Reena‟s operating system uses an algorithm for deadlock avoidance to manage the allocation
    of resources say three namely A, B, and C to thr
    ee processes P0, P1, and P2. Consider the
    following scenario as reference .user must enter the current state of system as given in this
    :Suppose P0 has 0,0,1 instances , P1 is having 3,2,0 instances and P2
    occupies 2,1,1
    instances of A,B,C resource respectively.Also the maximum number of instances required for P0
    is 8,4,3 and for p1 is 6,2,0 and finally for P2
    there are 3,3,3 instances of resources A,B,C respectively.
    There are 3 instances of resource A, 2 instances of resource B and 2 instances of
    resource C available.
    Write a program to check whether Reena‟s operating system is in a safe state or not in the
    following independent requests for additional resources in thecurrent state:
    Request1: P0
    requests 0 instances of A and 0 instances of B and 2 instances of C.
    Request2: P1
    requests for 2 instances of A, 0 instances of B and 0 instances of C

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