Linear search using function in C

/* Linear search using function in C*/
#include <stdio.h>

long linear_search(long [], long, long);

int main()
   long array[100], search, c, n, position;

   printf("Input number of elements in array\n");
   scanf("%ld", &n);

   printf("Input %d numbers\n", n);

   for (c = 0; c < n; c++)
      scanf("%ld", &array[c]);

   printf("Input number to search\n");

   position = linear_search(array, n, search);

   if (position == -1)
      printf("%d is not present in array.\n", search);
      printf("%d is present at location %d.\n", search, position+1);

   return 0;

long linear_search(long a[], long n, long find) {
   long c;

   for (c = 0 ;c < n ; c++ ) {
      if (a[c] == find)
         return c;

   return -1;
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